Haven Dog Walking Terms and Conditions of Use 

All users must agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to use 
These Terms and Conditions permit the Hirer to use Haven Dog Walking for exercising dogs under close personal supervision at all times. 
By using the facilities at Haven Dog Walking property (hereafter referred to as ‘The Venue’), you (hereafter referred to as ‘The Hirer’), automatically agree to these terms and conditions. 
• “Conditions” means these booking conditions which shall form part of the contract between The Venue and the Hirer. 
• The Venue has absolute discretion to permit or prohibit all types of activity on the land. 
• This booking is personal to the Hirer and may not transferred or sublet this consent to any other person, without prior consent from The Venue 
• You must not at any time (unless specific permission by A Venue Officer has been granted), park on ANY grassed area. Parking of vehicles is only permitted in car park one & two. 
• The Agility field is out of bounds to all users EXCEPT the Agility Club, even when agility is not taking place. 
• You must not climb on any gates, fences or posts at any time. 
• Please do not allow your dog to dig in any part of the venue, at any time. Failure to uphold this will result in a levied charge to the hirer for repair to the land 
• The Hirer shall keep The Venue clean and tidy and shall ensure that all litter and refuse generated by the Hirer shall be removed at the end of each hire period. This includes dog excrement. If any litter or poo bags are left by the hirer, they will be charged for the removal. Poo bags should NOT be placed inside the portable toilets!!! 
• To check the field and its boundary fence regularly and to inform us of any discrepancies 
• The Hirer must at all times take good care of the Venue and will be responsible for any damage to the Venue or any part of it or any equipment or other property of Haven Dog Walking whether forming part of the hire or not. 
• The Hirer shall not be permitted to remove or obscure Haven Dog Walking notices or placards displayed at the Venue. 
• The Hirer shall not excavate or drill pinning holes into the Venue except with the prior written consent of Haven Dog Walking. 
• The Hirer shall not interfere with or make any alteration to the layout or arrangement of the Venue without prior written consent 
• The Hirer shall ensure that no noise nuisance shall be caused to occupiers of properties surrounding the Venue or users of the immediate surrounding area of the Venue. 
• At no time should a dog be tethered to any structures on site ie fencing, posts, gates etc., 
• The Hirer will be held responsible for the cost of Haven Dog Walking restoring the Land to its condition immediately prior to the period of use, the repairing of any damage to the Land arising out of the Hirer's use and the clearing of litter and debris not cleared away by the Hirer to the satisfaction of Haven Dog Walking. 
• You should accompany your dog on their walks at all times, so that you are aware of what your pet is doing and that they are safe and complying to these terms and conditions. 
When you enter through the main gate into Car park ONE, please lock the main gate behind you and wait in the first car park for the previous user to vacate from car park TWO. The onus is on the person leaving to lock the front gate again (as this should be kept locked at all times). 
You can then drive through to the car park TWO (closing the second gate behind you) and then let your dog/s out of the car from that point. 
Car Park ONE is NOT secure and no dogs should be out of the car until your car is safely parked in car park TWO. Car park ONE is a 'holding pen' for hirers entering and exiting only, so that dogs do not have to encounter other dogs or people whilst entering or exiting. Please do not park in Car Park ONE (Unless specific permission has been granted by Haven Dog Walking staff member) 
Enter into the next field and close the gate behind you. This means that for extra security, you now have three closed gates between you and the road you entered on. 
When you leave there may be someone waiting in the first car park for you to leave and then you lock the front gate when you exit the premises. 
Please note that ALL FIELD GATES must be closed behind you when you leave the premises. 
• Please arrive on time for your slot and wait in the FIRST car park area for the previous hirer to vacate before entering the SECOND area. This is of the UTMOST importance as a previous hirer’s dog may need space from either you or your dogs! 
• Please note that bookings are ‘back to back’. This means that you should vacate the premises on time at the end of your booking as another hirer will arrive for their usage. (see above) 
• The Hirer shall ensure that the premises are secure at all times and shall not divulge any lock combination codes under any circumstances to any third parties. The codes are subject to change at any time by Haven Dog Walking without notice. 
The first small field adjacent to car park two is the Agility field. Other users are NOT permitted to use this space at any time. 
Agility may be going on throughout the year and therefore both car parks may be in use and parking limited. You must park in either car park one or car park two. If no spaces are available, you must park outside of the venue in the road and walk in with your dog/s on a lead. You MAY NOT park your car on ANY grassed area. 
• Ongoing bookings: These will be invoiced monthly. All invoices should be paid within 7 days of receipt. Late payments will not be tolerated. 
• Payments can be made in cash by arrangement, cheque or bank transfer. 
• Failure to make payments on time will mean all future bookings cancelled without notice and may incur a late penalty cost. 
• Sharing a booking with a friend will incur an additional hire fee to be advised at the time of booking. Field sharing not disclosed at the time of booking shall incur an additional cost penalty of £10 per booking. 
Late payments will result in ALL future bookings cancelled without notice. All invoices should be paid on receipt to avoid penalty charges. 
Late payments will be subject to a penalty calculated at 8% per month if not paid by the invoice date. 
Late payments will result is ALL bookings cancelled without notice. We have a ZERO tolerance on non payment of invoices. 
• Cancellation by the Hirer of a booking must be given in writing, with a minimum of 48 hours notice. 
• Hirers who do not take up their commitment for any reason or fail to notify The Venue in writing of cancellation shall be liable for the whole of the hire charge together with any additional expenses incurred by The Venue 
• The Venue reserves the right to refuse any application for the hiring of the Venue without being required to give any reason for such refusal. 
• The Venue reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the Venue. In special circumstances, Haven Dog Walking may repay any deposits paid on cancelling a hiring but shall be under no liability for expense incurred or loss sustained by the Hirer as a result of the cancellation at our sole discretion. 
• Haven Dog Walking shall have the right to cancel any booking forthwith in the event that the Venue is affected by an emergency/’act of God’ of any kind. Haven Dog Walking will consider refunding part or all of any fees and charges paid and the amount shall be at Haven Dog Walking sole discretion. 
• Haven Dog Walking Safety Officer shall be allowed access at any time onto the Land to carry out inspections and any decisions made by the officer regarding safety and fitness of use, will be binding. 
• Haven Dog Walking reserves the right to refuse admission to or evict any person from the Venue. 
• Haven Dog Walking reserves the right to fix a maximum limit for the number of persons and/dogs using the venue at any one time as follows; 
Single Hirers - 4 dogs of their own maximum 
Single plus 'Add a friend' Hirers - 6 dogs maximum 
Commercial Hirers - 8 dogs Maximum 
• Under no circumstances should dogs be left on the premises unattended at any time. 
• All tools, appliances and equipment used or under the control of the Hirer should be stored neatly and safely when not in use so as not to pose a potential or actual hazard, and that during use such items are used correctly and safely. 
• No fires shall be allowed without prior written approval from Haven Dog Walking. 
• Please do not smoke or allow any visitor to smoke whilst in or around the stable/barn area 
• Any children under the care and/or control of the Hirer are to be supervised at all times by the Hirer and must be kept away from any farm vehicles, implements, machines and buildings 
• The Hirer will not permit the operation or release of any high flying object without the prior written consent of Haven Dog Walking, the Civil Aviation Authority and relevant Airports. 
• The Hirer shall not bring into the Venue any article of an inflammable or explosive character or that produces an offensive smell, or CFC or any oil, electrical, gas or other apparatus without the written approval of Haven Dog Walking. 
• The Hirer shall ensure they have suitable insurance for all dogs on the premises. 
• In keeping with the law regarding 'responsible dog ownership', you are entirely responsible for yours and your dogs safety whilst at the venue. The law states that we should be in control of our dogs at all times. This is also relevant at the venue, whether you are alone or a Haven officer is present 
• The Haven Dog Walking or any of its officers are not responsible and will not accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever and by whomsoever caused, whether to property or person(s) sustained by any person in the Venue. 
• The Hirer is responsible for all safety aspects of the Venue prior to, during or subsequent to the Hire period and must accept liability for any loss, damage, injury or death howsoever and by whomsoever caused, whether to property or person(s) sustained by any person(s) in the Venue. 
We reserve the right to use any material, including texts and images sent to us (in any format) or via our face book page, for the purposes of marketing etc,. 
• Haven Dog Walkingn reserves the right to vary these terms and conditions at any time. Any variations so made shall be deemed to be incorporated in these Conditions. The Hirer may, within 7 days of receipt of such notice, terminate this agreement. 
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